Serving the Maine Communities of Franklin County, Livermore & Livermore Falls

The Very Basics Fund

The Very Basics Fund is comprised of funds that have been raised or donated by individuals or businesses that specifically support basic needs such as food, fuel, or shelter. Donors do not designate to a specific organization, letting United Way determine the distribution of these funds.

Applicants must be 501(c)(3) organizations. When funds are available, RFPs are released in February for an April 30 due date, and August for an October 31 due date.

Applicant Information

Organizational Information

Program description

Sample: 25% of children in Greater Franklin County are food insecure. XYZ school proposes to increase access to nutritious, locally grown food by partnering with 5 farmers in the region who will provide fresh produce for our existing weekend backpack program. Outcomes will include: Increasing student’s access to locally grown food by 50% and increasing the amount of food that is sent home by 10%.
Item Description/Calculations Amount

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