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The Very Basics Fund Application

We look forward to reviewing your application. When completing the application, concise responses are best. If your organization participated in The Very Basics Fund last year, you must submit an evaluation for that program before another application will be accepted. 

Here are a few tips for completing the financial and budget questions in the application. 

  • Question 3 asks for the dollar amount you are requesting from UWTVA. Your response to Question 3 should be identical to the total of Column 2 in your attached budget (UWTVA funding).
  • Question 4 asks for your total program budget. The total budget includes the UWTVA funding and anticipated funding from other sources. Your response to Question 4 should be identical to the "Total Project Budget" shown a the bottom of your attached budget.

Here is an example:

  • Question 3: $3,000 requested from UWTVA.
  • Question 4: $6,000 total program budget.

Column 1 Budget Item (Description)      Column 2 Funding from UWTVA      Column 3 Anticipated funding from other sources             

  Canned food items                                              $1,500                                                                $3,000

  Personal hygiene items                                     $1,500                                                                $0

Total funding from each source:                   $3,000                                                               $3,000                                                                                   

Total project funding:   $6,000                                                                                       


Budget should use the following format: Column 1 Budget Item and Description; Column 2 Funding from UWTVA; Column 3 Anticipated funding from other sources. Then include total program budget at bottom. (See example above.)

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