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Why should I give to United Way?

Your contribution makes a significant impact and helps those in need by feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, and keeping people warm, for example. Contributions also help improve many people’s lives by allowing United Way to invest in long-term prevention efforts like mentoring programs or energy conservation initiatives. Giving through United Way is a simple way to create long-lasting change. Your money is spent wisely. Decisions are made locally by local people. Your donation stays in Franklin County or Northern Androscoggin County if you choose to designate it to a local non-profit organization, or the Community Fund and it helps meet current, identified needs.

 What is the Community Fund?

The Community Fund is made up of undesignated contributions. It is the fund that allows flexibility for United Way to fund programs that meet changing community needs. These funds are allocated annually by community volunteers who assess community needs, review funding applications, interview applicants, and then determine how that money should be reinvested in our community. This volunteer driven process ensures that your donation is invested wisely.

With agencies doing a lot of their own fundraising, why do they need United Way funds?

Need far exceeds available resources. Without United Way funding, many agencies would have to increase their individual efforts to raise funds. United Way funding helps agencies spend more time providing services and less time fundraising. Contributing to United Way is a proactive way to ensure many programs are available when an individual needs services – whether it is learning how to read, or help with housing after a devastating fire. Many times United Way funding helps agencies get additional funding from federal or other sources.

How do I make sure my contribution goes to a specific program or agency?

You can designate your contribution to a non-profit organization in Greater Franklin County or anywhere in the world.  Donors always have the right to say where their donation will or will not go, and United Way makes sure it gets there. Not interested in giving to a specific organization but you want to address community needs where you live? You can “give where you live,” by designating to United Way where you live. You can either put the name of United Way on your pledge sheet, or simply the town where you live. 

How much money goes for administration?

United Way of the Tri-Valley Area is very efficient. Only 1.5% of every dollar raised goes to United Way Worldwide parent organization for the privilege of being part of the trusted and recognizable United Way system. Your local United Way is also proud to have a low overhead rate of approximately 12%. Overhead includes expenses incurred to keep the doors open, raise money, print materials, and directly assist individuals. 

I would like to contribute but am looking for additional ways to help; what can I do?

Every contribution counts, no matter what the amount! Even one dollar can help buy one meal for an older adult through the Meals on Wheels Program. We also encourage you to get involved in a cause you care about and use your voice by advocating to make a difference; or volunteer to make a difference. Connect here for local volunteer opportunities. Also, please call 778-5048 for more information. 

What would our community look like if there were no United Way?

We don’t know, but it’s not a community you or I would want to live in.

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